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Service Upgrades
All homes have limited electrical capacity. When a service is upgraded or changed, that capacity is increased, allowing the potential for more circuits and more renovations and additions (like a spa bathroom). The only things that change with a service change are the connections with the grid on your house, the meter and all the cables leading in and out of it, the distribution panel (which is the thing that holds all the circuit breakers and where all the circuits come out of) and your grounding system. A service change does not inherently entail any changes or repairs to your circuits.
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Why Upgrade Your Electric Service?
Convenience: Many older homes still have their original 100 amp service, so that when it comes time to remodel the kitchen or to add a room, often there is no room in the distribution panel to install the required additional circuits.

When major things that need electrical power are added, or the size of the home is increased, then very often the electrical capacity of your service needs to be increased as well.

Safety: Many electrical services have been hanging on the side of houses for an awfully long time, subject to deterioration caused by the environment and the weather. Some have become damp and corroded in those musty wet basements. Some have been chronically overloaded through the years and due to overheating, joints and connections have become loose. And some services still rely on fuses, which, because of their age, are corroded, overstuffed, and overheated. These conditions are dangerous, and good enough reasons to spend the money to change your service. Then you can ignore it in peace for the next 40 years.

Standby Generator

A standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates automatically. Within seconds of a utility outage an automatic transfer switch senses the power loss, commands the generator to start and then transfers the electrical load to the generator. The standby generator begins supplying power to the circuits. After utility power returns, the automatic transfer switch transfers the electrical load back to the utility and signals the standby generator to shut off. It then returns to standby mode where it awaits the next outage.

Unlike portable generators, standby generators operate automatically with no human intervention. No generators to move. No power cords to connect. No gas tanks to fill.

Custom Cabinet Lighting

Homes today are more like small buildings than the traditional houses of 40 years past.  They contain more rooms, more furniture, and more interior custom build outs than previous designs afforded.  As such, cabinets have moved beyond the kitchen and bathroom into other portions of the home as well.  Workrooms and home offices contain both functional and decorative fixtures constructed to make life more convenient on a room-by-room basis.

The specific purpose of cabinet lighting thus varies accordingly.  It can be either exclusively task oriented, exclusively decorative, or a subtle blend of both.  Lacarrubba Electric employs electricians that specialize in both specialty and custom cabinet lighting.